“Self-enthroned king, you are always bragging. If you don’t take care, you will walk about bragging oneday and fall into a gutter, ” Marvin said and they all burst into laughter.

“This neighborhood is something else. I thought it was cool out there but I guess I was wrong. Do you know the lady who called me said she’s interested in me? She introduced herself to me and said she’s in love with me. Who does that? She doesn’t even know me, so how can she say that she is in love with me?” George asked angrily after they had returned from the walk.

“Oh that’s really bad. Her dressing even showed how indecent she is,” Jennifer said and chuckled.

“Jenny, you have to be careful of the guys in the hood as well. I don’t trust them,” Joshua advised.

“I’m not even interested in those stuffs, so there’s nothing to worry about,” Jennifer replied.

The corruption in the neighborhood was more than what it looked like on the surface. It seemed like anyone who stayed there or even visited was overcome by the corruption. It was the way of life of the young people to engage in immorality and boast about it.

The church there was literally empty. Only a few elderly people attended. Most parents too could hardly control their kids. So daily, the guys, for instance, sat at the game center playing games and talking about all the nasty things you could think of.

Among the guys, Kingsley was the richest and oldest. Nobody knew the kind of job he did but he had a lot of money. He was living in his own house in the neighborhood and owned a car. Nobody knew his family. The young boys in the neighborhood were attracted to him because of his money and friendly nature. They all wanted to be like him. Not only were the young guys attracted to him, the girls too were. So Kingsley, as he always bragged, seemed really like the king of the neighborhood.

“Harriet isn’t answering my calls. Does she think she will go scot free after spending my money?” Kingsley said as he sat outside the game Centre with Cyrus and Marvin the next morning.

“Just leave her,” Marvin said.

“Yeah King, let her go before you impregnate her. Imagine being a dad at this age?” Cyrus teased.

“Well, either she gives me my money or she pays in kind, Kingsley insisted, she should have thought about the implication before spending my money.”

“That girl is very stubborn. She sleeps around just like she drinks water. The last time I saw her entering Janesis Hotel with a man old enough to be her father. I would advise that you take a share of the national cake, if that’s what you want, but make sure you don’t contract any STD,” Marvin advised.

“I will go to her house and get some sense into her head,” Kingsley said.

Ken, from nowhere, dashed into the game center at that moment. Kingsley, Marvin and Cyrus followed him inside.

“Ken Whatsup? Why did you dash in like that?” Kingsley asked.

“They want to kill me” Ken managed to answer panting heavily.

“Who wants to kill you?” Kingsley asked.

“They are chasing me,” Ken said still panting heavily.

“Why? What did you do?” Marvin asked.

“I stole his phone and he’s after me with his friends,” Ken said.

“But Ken, why? Why do you like stealing like that? The other time, it was someone’s money, now it’s a phone. What at all is your problem?” Cyrus said.

“I don’t know if it’s a spiritual problem. Your parents give you everything you need yet stealing is your hobby,” Marvin said and chuckled.

“In case anyone asks of me, tell them you’ve not seen me,” Ken said shaking in fear.

Back in Ken’s house was a big scene. Apparently, the guys who were after him had gone to look for him at his house. Ken, on the other hand, had left the game center quietly, thinking he was escaping from them only to bump into them at home.

“Foolish boy, come here! His father exclaimed when he saw him. You have decided to bring shame to this family all the time. Where’s the phone? “

“It… It’s….here,” Ken stammered.

“Please, I’m very sorry for the inconvenience. You can have your phone,” Mr. Williams said as he handed the phone to one of the guys

“What are you standing there for? You better get inside, you are grounded,” Mrs. Williams said to Ken.

“What at all has come over this boy. He wasn’t like this initially. Is there a spell in this neighborhood or what,” Mr. Williams asked rhetorically as he made his way into the room…

To be continued…

BY: Kreative Sandy


  1. Interesting neighborhood… We have a rich guy who nobody knows the kind of work he does while there an other guy who’s hobby is stealing… Hahahaha


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