“What at all has come over this boy. He wasn’t like this initially. Is there a spell in this neighborhood or what,” Mr. Williams asked rhetorically as he made his way into the room.

Mr. and Mrs. Hayford had noticed the rottenness of the young people in the neighborhood so they warned their children not to go anywhere near them. However, George had a different opinion.

“But dad, how can we influence them with the Gospel of Christ if we can’t even go close to them?” George asked his parents as they sat in the hall.

“You can do your evangelism in school and in some decent places but not here. You are likely to be negatively influenced,” Mr. Hayford advised.

“Yes George. These guys and girls are too consumed in sin to even listen to you, they can even get you into trouble, ” Mrs. Hayford added.

“Mum and dad, I don’t mean to disrespect you but why can’t I tell these people about Jesus? The fact that they are consumed in sin is a clear indication that they need Jesus. The Bible says that the Gospel is the Power of God to save all who believe. These guys need the gospel to set them free.

Okay, let’s say we do not get involved with them, what happens if they jump the wall to rob to us? By all means we will have a taste of their negative lives. So the best we can do is to help them get out of it and the Gospel of Christ is a sure remedy,” George explained.

“You have a point. I must ensure that the security in this house is tightened. But I still stand by what I said, stay away from them,” Mr. Hayford concluded and made his way to his room.

“Mum, won’t you say anything?” George asked quite unsatisfied.

“There’s nothing else to say, son. Just listen to your dad,” Mrs. Hayford said and joined his husband to their room.

George was worried about what his dad had said because he felt that the young people in the neighbourhood needed to hear about Jesus but his parents thought otherwise.


It was 7am in the morning. The morning breeze filled the air. One could see cars moving out of the Estate. Those who didn’t have cars made their way out by foot. “Yummy for your Tummy” was the best place to get any dish of one’s choice in the neighborhood. Enjoying their meal this morning was Kingsley, Marvin and Cyrus.

“Where’s Ken? He must have been grounded, I guess?” Marvin asked.

“That boy is not serious. The phone he stole was not a quality phone. I don’t get why he stole it,” Kingsley said.

“He really need deliverance, his problem is serious,” Cyrus said and they all burst into laughter.

“Today, my food was too small. Madam Loretta cheated me but it sure is yummy for my tummy. Anyway, guys, I’m off to Harriet’s place,” Kingsley said.

“Alright,” Marvin and Cyrus chorused.

Few miles from the game center was a big house occupied by a young lady, Harriet. Harriet lived alone in that house and once in a while invited friends over for parties. Apparently, it was her place of business. High class men visited daily for sexual satisfaction and paid her handsomely in return. This morning, her friend, Monica, had come to visit her.

“Girl, I don’t know this George guy but it seems I’ve fallen in love with him. He’s so cute,” Harriet said.

“I saw how you were staring at him yesternight. You were all over him. Harriet, you should be satisfied with all the rich men who visit you daily and leave George alone,” Monica said.

“Sorry but I’m not leaving him for anyone. He is mine,” Harriet said.

“What about Kingsley, I thought he was supposed to be your boyfriend?” Monica probed.

“Not really. We’re just having fun. I’m young, I’m just 22, I should have fun whiles I’m young,” Harriet said smiling coyly.

“Hmm, anyway, I just came to see how you are doing. I have to get going. I have to go and meet someone in the afternoon so let me go and prepare,” Monica said and took her purse.

“Alright honey, enjoy your day,” Harriet said as she walked her to the gate.

After Monica had left, Kingsley barged in angrily demanding that Harriet kept his part of the bargain…

To be continued…

Kreative Sandy



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