The people in Ville woke up to noise of the boys.

“Kingsley you are king indeed. You’ve done it all,” Cyrus screamed.

“Officially, we crown you as the King of this neighborhood,” Marvin said.

“I told you guys that I was capable. I’ve dealt with many wild girls. What more, I’m rich and that’s what ladies want,” Kingsley bragged.

“So you mean she spent the night with you?” Marvin asked.

“Oh yeah. I went to drop her off at Harriet’s place not long ago,” Kingsley replied.

The screaming and hailing continued all because Kingsley had got Abigail to spend the night with him….

“Where’s Ken? He must hear this,” Marvin said.

“Why don’t we pay him a visit?” Kingsley suggested.

“His father is very strict. He thinks we are the ones influencing him negatively. He can embarrass us if we dare step there. Let just wait till he’s allowed to come out, ” Marvin advised.

“Ken is a bad guy all by himself. Nobody is influencing him negatively,” Kingsley said and answered his phone which was ringing.

“Guy, I have to go and check a few things in town. I will be back tomorrow morning,” Kingsley announced after answering the call.

“Alright. You have to take us to a treat oo,” Cyrus siad.

“Sure, why not?” Kingsley replied.

George had been speaking to his high school friend, Kelvin, concerning the neighborhood. He was now in the University and wanted to spend the long vacation doing something worthwhile in the neighborhood. He felt it was too early to begin an internship since he had completed only one semester. He rather wanted to spread the gospel in the neighborhood.

His friend, Kelvin, advised him to begin. “Just take a stroll in the neighborhood and share the gospel with anyone you meet,” he had advised. So George set out the following morning after his parent had left for work. He met with Abigail. She was probably heading to Harriet’s place.

“Hello, how are you?” He greeted.

“I’m good,” Abigail responded.

“I’m George and you are?”


“I hope you don’t mind if we become friends.”

“Errm. What kind of friends? “

“Oh not the one you’re thinking, just a platonic relationship. I would really like to share something little with you if you don’t mind.”

A car stopped right beside them.

“George, is that what you’ve decided to do in this neighborhood? You are going around proposing to the girls right? You think you are handsome and so what? We are the killers here and if you dare kid with us, you will be dead,” Kingsley threatened.

“Oh no, it’s not what you think. I just wanted to share God’s word with her,” George tried to explain.

“Hahaha! So that’s the new strategy right? You want to win the ladies in the name of preaching right? In case, you don’t know, this pretty lady here is my sweetheart, so you better get lost. Sweetie, hope in and let’s go,” Kingsley said to Abigail.

George watched quietly as the car sped off. He had wanted to speak to more people but the incident discouraged him. He walked slowly back home…

To be continued…



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