George watched quietly as the car sped off. He had wanted to speak to more people but the incident discouraged him. He walked slowly back home

“What was the meaning of that? Why were you talking to him? ” Kingsley asked Abigail as he drove to his house.

“I was just being nice. Actually, this is my first time of meeting him,” Abigail replied

“So you think he’s handsome right? Don’t even dream of talking to him ever again, he has nothing to offer. He’s one useless boy who recently came into the neighborhood,” Kingsley said.

Abigail was silent.

“Anyway, you are looking ravishing. Will you be mine all day long? ” He asked with a mischievous smile.

“I don’t like the way you spoke to him. Anyway, I will be yours if you will give me the money I asked for,” Abigail said.

“Money isn’t a problem. Let’s get inside first,” Kingsley said.


George sat at the porch thinking about what had just took place. He couldn’t believe what that small girl was involved in. She looked like she was just 16. At such a young age, she was involved in such a mess.

His phone began to ring. It was Kelvin.

George: Hello Kelvin, whatsup?

Kelvin: Everything is great here. Were you able to go for the evangelism?

George: Yes, but I don’t think this quest will be that simple. I met a lady and started talking to her, then all of a sudden, one of the guys came around accusing me of trying to steal his girlfriend.

Kelvin: Wow, it’s more complicated than I thought. But don’t give up just yet. Keep on and let’s keep praying about it. The gospel will prevail.

George: Sure Bro. Thanks for your support.

Kelvin: You’re welcome. What are friends for?

The next day, after Kingsley had dropped Abigail at Harriet’s place, he came back home to park his car and headed to the game center. He was talking to someone on the phone. He was screaming about somebody bringing his share of the money.

Marvin was right behind him as he made the call. He was heading towards the same place. His parents house were a few blocks away from Kingsley’s house.

“King, who were you speaking to like that? ” Marvin asked immediately Kingsley hanged up the call.

Kingsley shrieked, turned and realized it was Marvin.

“Why, are you spying on me or what? Anyway, that’s just one of my business partners,’ Kingsley answered.

“What business do you do? Why don’t you introduce me to it? I need money badly,” Marvin probed further.

“You are just 19 and you need money badly? You don’t even have any bills to pay,” Kingsley said.

“I’m a big boy now. If I get a lucrative Job, I would be glad. You know my WASSCE results would be out soon, so I’m hoping that before I enroll in the university I would be quite rich,” Marvin said.

“That’s not a bad idea. But the job I do is quite risky. I don’t think you will be interested in it,” Kingsley said.

“I’m a tough guy, I can do anything, trust me,” Marvin said convincingly.

“Are you sure?” Kingsley asked sizing him up.

“Oh yeah!” Marvin replied with confidence.

I will let you join me then,” Kingsley said.

“Thanks a lot, King,” Marvin said excitedly…

To be continued…



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