“Fake king, just make sure you fulfill your promise,” Marvin said.

Back at home, Abigail was very worried about what Harriet had told her. She didn’t want to have sex at such early stage but she also knew the financial challenges she was faced with. She ate only once daily and all her clothes were worn out from continual use. She felt inferior walking in the neighborhood. So she saw her friendship with Harriet as the only option to her exit from poverty. However, the condition presented was too much for her.

The sad thing about it all was that she couldn’t discuss her fears with her parents. They would only scold her and perhaps punish her for bringing up such an issue. Abigail’s parents, like many parents, had been quiet evasive concerning sexual matters.

When she experienced her first menstruation, she was warned severally by her parents to avoid any close relationship with the opposite sex. She actually thought sex was sinful and destructive until Harriet allayed her fears, so to speak. She, therefore, found in Harriet, a friend and a confidant.

“Sister Harriet, what is so bad about sex that we are always advised to stay away from it?” She had asked Harriet once….

“Well, sex is very pleasurable. Only God knows why they don’t want us to share in its pleasure, ” Harriet answered.

“So you mean it’s not bad at all,” She probed further.

“Not at all. It is very good only that you have to be careful not to get pregnant or contract any disease. Apart from that, sex is very pleasurable, you should try it,” Harriet said.

With such information, Abigail got anxious. She wanted to know how it felt like for herself. But she didn’t want to try it so soon and under such circumstance. That was her only problem.

She stood up from the sofa where she was sitting and glanced at the clock on the wall. It was past five in the evening. Her parents weren’t home yet so she headed for Harriet’s place.

“Sis. Harriet, I’ve thought about what you said but I think it’s too early for to get myself involve in such things,” Abigail said.

“Sweetheart, the fact that you are young means that this is the best time to start. So stop the childish attitude. Besides, after trying it this first time, you will go for it next time all by yourself,” Harriet said.

“So you mean, there’s nothing to worry about? ” Abigail asked Harriet.

“Not at all. King will treat you nicely. He will spend on you as well, there’s nothing to worry about at all.

Three days later, Abigail appeared at Harriet house looking very attractive. She had agreed to spend the night at Kingsley’s house.

“Go girl, you look sexy. You are learning quite well. Hop in and let’s go,” Harriet said.

“I’m quite concerned about my parent. They aren’t back from work and they will be very angry to know I didn’t sleep home,” Abigail said when they sat in the car.

“Don’t worry, the best they can do is to scold you and nothing else,” Harriet said.


 The people in Ville woke up to noise of the boys….

To be continued…



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