It’s 7:30 on a bright Wednesday. All pupils of Sinai Hills Academy are headed towards the assembly hall where they gather for their usual Wednesday worship service.

In less than 20 minutes, both pupils and teachers are thrown into an angelic worship mood by the school’s worship leader. One could evidently feel the presence of God in the atmosphere. Hands were lifted, knees were bowed with lips muttering words of adoration unto the creator of the Heaven and the earth.

The worship session is soon over and has been taken over by the word session. As usual, the teacher on duty shares the word, their level of knowledge and understanding of the Word actually. This has put the pupils into a state of hearing different doctrines preached every Wednesday.

This very day, the teacher on duty had a very deliberate fearful message titled, ” The wrath of God”. At the sound of the sermon title, pupils and teachers echo simultaneously, “Mercy Lord”

After minutes of talking about the sins that brings about the wrath of God, the room was filled with utmost silence. One could hear the drop of a pin. Apparently, the pupils and teachers were filled with fear.

After the horrifying message, he announced with a strong face and gesture, “No one should ever write this statement : ‘I love you’ to anyone. It is wrong and should not be done. Any student who writes that should be reported immediately.” The pupils left the hall discussing the last words of caution they had heard and not the message preached (I really thank God they did…Haha)

The time hits 10:30am and the old bell of the school rings loudly. At the sound of the bell, all the pupils jumped with joy and moved out of their classrooms. This time gives them a sense of joy and relief from the “ununderstandable” lessons they’ve been praying that it ends.

In a matter of time, the compound is invaded with different voices, calling one another for the turn of ball. Others too were running around with passion even though, there was no medal to be won. The weaklings who didn’t want to get worked up kept trooping in and out of their various classrooms with complains and reports of each others misbehavior.

Eric, a class three pupil, sat in class worried over what had been said during worship time. He had never thought of writing ‘I love you’ to anyone. However, the caution not to do so made him afraid. He started wondering what would happen to him if he tried it. He wanted to try it but was too afraid to do so.

A few other stage three pupils came back to class before the bell was rang for break over. John took a piece of paper from his desk and wrote ” I love you” to Ellen. He had never done that before. But surprisingly, he wrote those words on the paper this very day. Ellen who was enjoying her yummy ice cream smiled after reading the little piece that was handed to her by John.

Adisa who, all this while, was spying and monitoring what was happening shouted ” I saw you write ‘I love you’ to Ellen, were we not told not to write such messages to our friends? I will report you.

Ellen cut in, “How is writing ‘I love you’ a crime or a sin? My Sunday School teacher taught us that we should love one another because we are all brothers and sisters.

Ellen’s remark fell on deaf ears as Adisa rushed out of her seat yelling “I will report you, I am going to report you “. The stage three teacher who was busy with work on her table, looked up to determine the cause of the noise in classroom, “What is happening?”, She asked. Ellen rushed to her table and narrated the drama that was going on.

Madam Doris called the three pupils together and said “I love you is not a crime, it is not a sin, Jesus says we should love one another and even love our enemies. This means you would not steal, beat and bully your friend if you love them. Jesus loves everybody including the unbelievers, you are the Jesus on earth, that means that people see Jesus in you, so you ought to love everybody,” Adisa nodded in affirmation even though she was disappointed.

The two girls together with John returned to their seats with Ellen affirming, “I told you there’s nothing wrong with saying, ‘I love you’, you see.”

Eric overhearing that went closer to where she was sitting, “Oh, so it’s not wrong for us to tell someone we love them? I’ve been thinking about it since the time we were told not to write it to anyone. I’ve been feeling bad about it.”

“Yes, I was also feeling bad but I realized that when you tell someone you love them, it is not a bad thing. After all, you are just friends,” Kevin added.

“Yes Eric, Madam Doris said it is not bad since we are brothers and sisters. Jesus loves us and wants us to love others in the same way,” Ellen said.

With a sigh of relief, Eric went back to his seat and so went away the feeling of wanting to write the love note.

The bible says the law is the strength of sin. Anytime people are told not to do something, they are tempted to do that very thing. It is even said that laws are meant to be broken. This is why we do not live by the law as children of God, we live by the Spirit. He leads us in the right way to go.

Romans 7:6 (NLT)
But now we have been released from the law, for we died to it and are no longer captive to its power. Now we can serve God, not in the old way of obeying the letter of the law, but in the new way of living in the Spirit.

By: Ruth Akologo


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